Top Dem demands more details on pricing deal between Pfizer and Trump

Ref: The Hill
  • Democratic lawmakers have asked for details regarding Pfizer's agreement with US President Donald Trump to delay price hikes, The Hill reported Wednesday.

  • Following discussions with Trump, Pfizer said it would delay price hikes on 100 drugs until the end of the year or until the President's drug pricing blueprint goes into effect.

  • "Instead of proposing meaningful changes that result in lower costs for families and taxpayers, Trump and his Administration are busy scoring cheap PR points that don’t address the fundamental challenges that lead to higher prices every year," remarked Senator Ron Wyden.

  • "Americans want to know when real change is coming to lower their costs at the pharmacy counter — yesterday's announcement was more of the same," Wyden continued.

  • Wyden has asked Pfizer CEO Ian Read and Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar to provide information about the agreement, including whether the drugmaker was promised special treatment by the administration.

  • Wyden also asked Azar to clarify whether other drugmakers who recently announced price hikes would receive similar treatment.

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